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"We currently have an environment that is riddled with discourse. One in which there is zero collaboration and where friction is what we are becoming known for. I am ready to be the much-needed professional voice focused on Zionsville. With over 20+ years of financial experience, I am ready to lend my fiscal expertise, leadership, and centered focus on Zionsville. I ask for and will work hard to earn your support as I run for Zionsville Town Council."
Amanda's Focuses
Zionsville Focused

The last three years have produced increased friction and frustration. What we lost sight of was Zionsville. I plan to bring the focus back to Zionsville with collaboration, purpose, and a reminder of our ultimate goal of staying focused on our community.  

I have demonstrated a positive working relationship with both the current Town Council and the administration, thus exhibiting an ability to work with people. 

With Zionsville being in a critical growth and redevelopment phase along with a need to rethink workforce development, it's time to stop the rants and get back to business. It's time for a Zionsville Focus! 

I am thankful for the partnership I've developed with Mayor-Elect, John Stehr. We continuously meet to place items in front of each other and talk through visions and issues for Zionsville. It's partnerships like this that will focus us on the right initiatives. 

Join me in working for the betterment of our community by electing me to the Zionsville Town Council. Our future depends on it. 


My own leadership style is one of empathy leadership with reality-based interjection. It's a blended style that allows an understanding and desire to know where people are, where they want to go, and the ability to be able to listen; while also helping to educate people on reality and helping people to understand their roles in how to create the best path forward. 

I think this is the key to collaboration. Poised in professionalism that delivers solutions. I have a calm demeanor that isn't boastful, it is focused, and helps to keep people on task. 

In my current role of overseeing 22 locations mixed with bankers, managers, partners, and middle management I work with an array of people. I also work with our senior leadership and executive leadership. Balancing personalities, differing objectives, and accomplishing common goals is a talent of mine. 

Zionsville needs strong, professional leadership and I am ready to serve and continue to share my leadership. 

Fiscal Expertise 

With over 20+ years in the financial industry, I bring the expertise that will be needed to sustain the future of Zionsville. We have much work to do when it comes to financial planning as the town is in need of a 5-10 year fiscal plan. This is a priority of mine to help the town plan for needed safety, amenities, and improvements. 

As a member of the town's finance committee, treasurer for the Zionsville Community Development Corporation, and member of the Redevelopment Commission I am involved already fiscally. I have a deep understanding of the opportunities to provide clarity and transparency. 

The Zionsville Town Council is the fiscal body for the town. As a member of the town council, I would be tasked with helping to shape and decide an array of policies and initiatives impacting the fiscal, social, and economic health of the town and its residents. This is something I do not take lightly and believe the council needs someone with my expertise to serve. 

Key areas that I see a need now and into the future for Zionsville are: 

  • Understanding the financial goals and needs of each department in depth so that we can plan for items such as a new fire station. I have met with every department head and will continue these valued conversations. 

  • Updating our Comprehensive Plan - I was an advocate for this to be in the 2024 budget. We have not updated a comprehensive plan fully since 2003. 

  • Continue working regionally within Central Indiana to attract businesses and revitalize areas using grants or state tax credits. 

  • TIF will be an integral part of our redevelopment yet we also need to layer different fiscal strategies into planning so we aren't restricted and bound to only TIF. Strategies such as standing up geothermal and supplying utilities to a core district like the village and then taking that revenue to do other things in our community. 

  • Putting together a committee to vet through amenities for Zionsville on what we need and how to pay for them so we can stop outsourcing our memories. 

  • Develop a partnership with zWORKS so that we collaborate on graduate space for entreprenuers to continue growing their business here in Zionsville so we expand our corporate tax base organically. 

  • Increase developer impact fees to support parks, amenities, and public art. Currently this is at $1,000 a roof top and should be closer to $3,000. 

  • I would also like to propose frontage development rules so we are not viewing the backside of townhomes or single-family homes. When I think about the unique character of Zionsville, the back of homes is not what we think of and we need to alter this for the future.  

  • We have a unique and stunning rural landscape in both Union and Perry Townships, coming back to the need for a comprehensive plan, we need a future roadmap that involves their input and then effective communication on the plan. 

  • We need to begin acting more robustly about our Climate Action Plan as we have zero charging stations in Zionsville for electric vehicles. We are sending residents outside of the community to charge vehicles where they are spending money. 

  • I support the desire for a community center, fiscally I would like to see this be a public-private partnership so that it can adequately be supported and paid for.

I look forward to lending my fiscal expertise further to a council that needs the experience and leadership now and in the future.

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